Mangenda Kamara

Spotlight on: Mangenda Kamara

Mangenda KamaraI’m a Gender specialist with an M.Phil in Gender Studies, and an Educator interested in working with young women and teenagers. I became a research assistant for Lucy November from King’s College London in 2017 to research the causes of maternal death in Sierra Leone amongst teenage pregnant girls and to bring up a community solution, which grew in me a passion for research. Before then, I was a teacher at both Primary and Secondary Schools.

Working with Lifeline Nehemiah Projects, we started a mentoring scheme called ‘2 Young Lives’ (2YL) in 2017. I’m currently a Research Assistant for this project, conducting a  cluster-randomized feasibility trial as part of CRIBS Global Health Group.

My Role in CRIBS

In my role as research assistant I work with Prince Tommy Williams and the Lifeline team to engage communities on issues facing teenage girls.  I also monitor the activities of the mentors, coordinators, mentees and the data collectors working for 2YL across all the sites. The aim of this project is to support pregnant girls, reducing maternal mortality, stillbirth, neonatal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone and empowering young mothers to thrive.

View of work/ program

I see the CRIBS program as an opportunity for me to interact with different personalities that are well grounded in research work , which is very important for my professional development .

Community meeting

Something Personal

I  love cooking so I join the 2YL teams across all sites to cook when we do our monthly monitoring trips, and by so doing, I get to understand all the mentors, mentees and coordinators as we cook and eat together.

We have a strong focus on community engagement.  Here are myself and Prince Tommy Williams from Lifeline meeting a community at one of our sites to hear their views and understand their community.


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