Spotlight on Prince Tommy Williams

I joined Lifeline Nehemiah Projects (LNP) as one of the beneficiaries in the 90s at the time when Sierra Leoneans were experiencing devastation by the rebels across the country. LNP was set up as an organic response to the brutal conflict ravaging Sierra Leone, rebuilding the lives of ex-child soldiers and young people affected by war. Over the past 24 years, I have served in various dimensions within LNP as a volunteer and staff. I have served as the Dean of Nehemiah Home for boys, Youth Leader at the Lifeline Church, and ICT teacher at the Lifeline Nehemiah Junior Secondary School.  From 2012, I was Deputy Executive Director Lifeline Nehemiah Projects and became Executive Director in 2019.

I am passionate about engaging and empowering communities.  During the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone I was asked by the community stakeholders to coordinate and mobilise resources in partnership with Lifeline Network International, Medair, Oxfam and LNP.  We expanded the response to Ebola through community education, radio talk shows, supporting victims with food and non-food items and psychosocial support, and established an Ebola treatment centre at one of the outbreak epicentres in Kuntorloh.

I have a Masters’ degree in Christian Counselling from the World Bible School University, United State of America and a BSc Honours degree in Business and Information Technology from the Njala University, Sierra Leone, West Africa.  I am a council member of the Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute approved by the office of the President of Sierra Leone. After graduation from the Njala University, I decided to continue to work for Lifeline because I believed in the Lifeline Nehemiah Projects’ Vision and its ‘’STEADI’’ values.

Correspondingly, I am a CRADLE Technical Advisor amidst other engagements.

Role in CRIBS:

In addition to the role within the 2YoungLives (2YL) implementation, I am the Community Engagement (CEI) lead for CRIBS. As the CEI lead, I work with the team to strategically plan and respectfully approach community stakeholders, including medical professionals and potential beneficiaries and to develop a strategic implementation plan, supporting the development of training materials.

Something about your CRIBS experience:

In the past two decades, I have been working with community stakeholders across Sierra Leone, I have enjoyed working together with the CRIBS team, both giving and receiving and I have found the willingness to share knowledge, amongst other things, is incredible. The expansion of the 2YLs into new sites is also another opportunity to save more lives and a good learning curve for me.

Something personal:

Sometimes, I watch Premiership and Championship streamed on-line, I enjoy listening to gospel music and most importantly spending time playing with my five-year-old son Hans Tommy Williams.  I spend the weekends with my immediate family and the Lifeline Nehemiah boys and girls.

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