Dr Katy Kuhrt

Spotlight on: Dr Katy Kuhrt

Dr Katy Kuhrt

I work as an Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctor at St Thomas’ Hospital in London when I am in the UK. I started to get involved in research when I was doing a BSc year at Medical School, and since then I have become very interested in Global Maternal Health, and was lucky enough to work on a project in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda, and now in Sierra Leone.

In January I started a PhD and have taken 3 years out of my Obstetrics and Gynaecology training to complete it.

At the moment I am living in Sierra Leone where my 3 PhD research studies, which are all part of the CRIBS Global Maternal Health Group, are taking place.

Role in CRIBS

I am coordinating 3 research studies that are part of the CRIBS Global Maternal Health Group. The overarching aim is to evaluate a series of point-of-care tests to improve detection and triage of sick pregnant and postpartum women, so that interventions can be offered early to prevent the development of serious and even life threatening complications.

Briefly, the projects are:


We recently won some additional funds to build and deliver a Policy Lab, and to develop a short film to raise awareness of Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia amongst women and healthcare workers. I’ll be involved in the development of both from now until their completion in March 2023.

Your view of the work/ programme

Working in the CRIBS programme, and being able to work here in Sierra Leone, is the most exciting personal and professional privilege I have had.

Something personal

I brought a mountain bike with me when I came out to Sierra Leone, which has kept me busy at the weekends, trying to navigate the potholed dirt tracks and beautiful jungle paths around Freetown. Running along Lumley Beach road at Sunset in Freetown is high up on the list, and growing vegetables, although the resident goat has other ideas.Dr Katy Kuhrt

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