Spotlight on Dr Moses Tamba M’bayoh

Career Background

I have an MBChB, from the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone.

I am a research enthusiast, involved in data collection and analysis.  I worked as an LQAS officer for WHO, and more exposure to research was gained when working on my dissertation.

Role in CRIBS:

I work for Welbodi partnership as a Research Assistant in some of the projects under the NIHR CRIBS Maternal Health Research Group. My main area of engagement is with the Pineapple project, which is focused on hypertensive disorders in pregnancy. The Pineapple study is a clinical trial taking place at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital, in Sierra Leone, where they have introduced a new point of care device that measures the placental growth factor in the blood.  This can be used in management of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy. I identify eligible cases, take informed consent, run their test and then input data into the data server and follow up on outcomes for cases where the women are discharged before delivery. I’m also involved in the APRICOT and SIPHRE studies.

CRIBS Experience:

Working in the CRIBS projects has exposed me further to research and its principles, and has also made me more interested in maternal health and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I have also had the opportunity to be involved in the Policy Lab and Dissemination days, which were organised to explore ways of reducing maternal mortality by targeting preeclampsia, which is the second leading cause of Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone. I am also further involved in the nationwide campaign to raise awareness about preeclampsia.

I enjoy working in the Pineapple project, and it takes most of my time, as I work with this every day. And my aim is to ensure the objectives of the study are achieved and quality assured.

Something Personal:

I am a lover of good music and enjoy listening to a wide range of genres. My ambition is to climb the ladder all the way up, in my career as a medical doctor, and serve humanity with the knowledge acquired, and also to be involved in the training of others.

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