Spotlight on Hickmatu Bintu Leigh

Career Background

Hickmatu Bintu Leigh is a highly motivated individual with a strong academic background and a passion for public health and storytelling. She graduated from Njala University in 2021 with honours in Public Health, demonstrating her dedication and commitment to understanding and improving community health.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Hickmatu decided to pursue further education in the same field by pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s program, specialising in Social and Behavioral Health. This area of focus allows her to explore the complex relationship between individuals, society, and health outcomes, with a particular emphasis on addressing public health issues through social and behavioural interventions.

Alongside her academic pursuits, Hickmatu is also a talented professional photographer,
creative director, and producer. Her passion lies in using visual storytelling as a medium to
raise awareness about various issues affecting women, including mental health, sexual and
reproductive health, and other pertinent topics. She firmly believes in the power of visual
narratives to initiate positive social change and to give a voice to those whose stories may
otherwise go untold.

Hickmatu’s unique combination of skills and interests allows her to approach public health
challenges from a multidimensional perspective. By merging her expertise in public health
with her creative talents, she strives to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals
and communities. With her exceptional drive, compassion, and dedication to addressing
women’s issues, Hickmatu Bintu Leigh is poised to make a significant contribution to the field
of public health and storytelling.

Role In CRIBS: Impact Producer

My role in CRIBS has been as the Impact Producer for the World Preeclampsia Day Awareness Campaign.
Over the past few months, the team and I have been working to develop creative ideas and
strategies to raise awareness about preeclampsia and reach a larger audience.  To begin with, we brainstormed and collaborated on various innovative approaches. We believed that incorporating visual elements would make a significant impact, so we decided to bring in a talented graphic designer. This collaboration resulted in the creation of visually appealing flyers, invitations, and other promotional materials. I must say, the designer did an
amazing job, and the materials turned out to be visually striking.

One of our standout ideas was to stream the movie “Nema’s Choice” on World Preeclampsia Day.
Additionally, we took advantage of social media platforms by setting up an Instagram page
dedicated to World Preeclampsia Day. This move allowed us to reach a broader and more
diverse audience, sparking conversations, and encouraging participation from individuals

Furthermore, I was actively involved in organising the Njala streaming event, which turned
out to be a tremendous success. The engagement and support we received from the
community were overwhelming, and it was incredibly fulfilling to witness the impact we were
making together.

In conclusion, my role as the Impact Producer has involved generating creative ideas,
collaborating with a graphic designer, organising streaming events, and contributing to
community outreach. It has been an incredible experience, and I’m proud of the progress
we’ve made so far.

CRIBS Experience:

My career has predominantly revolved around public health, with experiences working
alongside esteemed organisations such as WHO and UNAIDS. After having the opportunity
to collaborate with Cribs on a project, this opened my eyes to a new perspective.  Through this collaboration, I witnessed firsthand the power of visual storytelling in conveying important messages related to health. The impact the CRIBS movie Nema’s Choice had on people was remarkable. I saw how individuals not only understood the message deeply but also connected with it on a profound level. It made me realise the significance of using visuals and graphics to tell stories, rather than solely relying on verbal explanations when
addressing health issues.

This experience has solidified my vision for the future. I have decided to blend my passion
for photography with my dedication to public health. Moving forward, my goal is to tell stories
related to health through compelling and evocative images. I believe that visuals have the
ability to transcend barriers, engage emotions, and create a lasting impact on individuals and

Additionally, I would like to express my admiration for Dr. Katy Kuhrt, who has been a
tremendous inspiration to me. Working alongside her has reinforced my commitment to the
health sector. Witnessing her unwavering dedication and the immense effort she puts into
her work has motivated me to strive even harder in making a difference in the field of public

Something Personal:

I’m an introverted soul with a passion for freezing time and genuine emotions through my
lens. Whether strolling along the beach or embracing the comfort of indoors, I find beauty in
both solitude and cherished connections.
I love taking long walks along the shore. I am a self-proclaimed movie enthusiast and I enjoy
spending time with friends .


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