World Pre-eclampsia day activities in Sierra Leone

For World Pre-eclampsia day, the team in Sierra Leone has highlighted the critical need to raise awareness of pre-eclampsia in the community.  In this regard and in order to build a national pre-eclampsia awareness campaign, they have embarked on the following key strategies:

  • Developed printed and digital educational materials for pregnant women and the public.
  • Stuck stickers and pre-eclampsia on Kekehs, Okadas and Poda Podas
  • Talked about pre-eclampsia on National radio and television.
  • Made a radio jingle to be played on national radio stations.
  • Engaged stakeholders in Kuntorioh and Coconut Farm to arrange community mobile cinema screenings of Nema’s Choice – the docu-drama movie about pre-eclampsia
  • Planned screenings of Nema’s Choice to medical and midwifery students at COMAHS.

Posters created to raise awareness of Pre-eclampsia


Out and about in Freetown putting up stickers and posters to create awareness of pre-eclampsia





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