Spotlight on Bundu Kargbo

Career Background:

I embarked on my academic journey at Christ The King College in Bo, Sierra Leone, where I completed my secondary education from JSS 1 to SSS III. In 2012, I successfully passed the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). My educational aspirations led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biological Science at Njala University, which I undertook from 2012 to 2016. I proudly graduated in 2018 with a Second Class First Division.

Following my undergraduate studies, I continued to deepen my knowledge and expertise by enrolling in a Master’s program in Public Health at Njala University, commencing in 2018 and concluding in 2020.

In 2020, I eagerly joined the Karene District Health Management Team (DHMT) as an intern student. During my time there, I actively participated in various pillars, including the Surveillance Unit, the Health Education Unit, and the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit. Through these experiences, I not only contributed to the team’s efforts but also greatly expanded my wealth of knowledge in the field. This valuable experience and expertise have continued to grow as I dedicated myself to this role from 2020 to 2022.

Role in CRIBS:

In 2022, I joined Welbodi Partnership as a District Research Officer. Welbodi Partnership are partners with CRIBS and Kings College London in Sierra Leone. After completing induction training, I took up the role of District Research Officer, where my primary responsibilities included:

  • Monthly data collection of primary outcomes (eclampsia, hysterectomy perinatal, and maternal death) from various sources including the Above Five morbidity registers, Mother and neonate, Surgical registers, and Delivery registers.
  • Monthly submission of reports to Welbodi Partnership program manager and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.
  • Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with healthcare workers in the District Health Management Team, hospitals, and PHUs.
  • Attending workshops, training, and meetings
  • Use of CRIBS App to send primary outcomes, GPS, and blood pressure readings.
  • Ensuring accurate and timely submission of data to Medscinet
  • Uploading and submitting completed research forms using the program’s data collection software.
  • Reporting data collection and district-level issues promptly and providing field research feedback.
  • Adapting to the program’s project-specific needs.
  • Collaborating with local authorities and community Chiefs, representing the program at the district level.
  • Maintaining regular communication with Welbodi Program Manager and MEL Manager, sharing gathered information/data, and preparing reports.
  • Strictly adhering to data confidentiality procedures, policies, and legal requirements.

CRIBS Experience:

I had the privilege of attending an induction training when I was appointed as a District Research Officer. This training introduced me to a whole new world, including clinical terminology, data collection tools, and the challenge of working independently within the district. Despite the valuable knowledge gained from the induction, I initially struggled with collecting data on primary outcomes once I began my role. Subsequently, I reached out to the Welbodi Partnership Team and my fellow District Research Officers for guidance and support in my quest to improve my data collection skills. Since that pivotal moment, I have successfully gathered precise and pertinent data as per the research’s demands. This journey has been a great learning experience, encompassing a wide range of knowledge, including fieldwork techniques, clinical terminology, data collection procedures, as well as research methods and methodology. I learned that research can be a tool for change in every setting. It can help predict the future.

My untiring passion for research motivated me to participate in a training program conducted by NIHR-CRIBS. This intensive training significantly enhanced my understanding of research and research methodology. Thanks to the knowledge and skills I acquired during this training, I was able to secure seed funding with my research proposal “Feasibility Study to Explore The Implementation Of Low-Dose Aspirin For The Prevention Of Pre-Eclampsia In High-Risk Women In Sierra Leone” from the University of Sierra Leone, in collaboration with CRIBS and Kings College London.

Something Personal:

Outside of my professional life, I love watching sports including football, wrestling and I love music. I love listening/reading inspirational messages. I love inspiring and sensitizing people by sharing ideas and experiences from myself and other motivators. I aim to build and set goals in academics and research. During my school days and after undergraduate program, I engaged in entrepreneurship and I have a wealth of entrepreneurship skills. With years to come, I see myself owning a business of my own.

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