Spotlight on Alice Manyehe Lansana

Hello, I am Alice Manyehe Lansana. I’m a trained and qualified Teacher (HTC) teaching at the United Brethren in Christ School Mattru Jong.

Role in CRIBS

I am a 2YoungLives mentor team co-ordinator for Mattru Jong team

My CRIBS experience

Having the opportunity to work with 2Young Lives has helped me serve the community in a way I love to do (caring for children and young people). I love working with a team of likeminded women and from our training sessions, I now have friends across the country working as mentors, coordinators and other staff of 2YL.  2YoungLives has been very well received in my town, and I now have very good relationships with the community stakeholders and leaders. The role is challenging as many girls are in very difficult situations, but with the input of the team from Lifeline Nehemiah Projects, as issues arise they are addressed and things are changing in our community.

Something Personal

I’m 50 years old and a widow with a son and 5 adopted children.

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