Spotlight on Christiana Menad Squire

I am presently the Acting Matron of Princess Christian Maternity Hospital. I have a Master’s Degree in Public Health and also graduated with Bachelor of Science Degree with honours in Nursing. I was enrolled as a General Nursing student in 1995 in the then National School of Nursing and graduated as a State Registered Nurse. After practicing for several years, I was invited to pursue my midwifery course at the National Midwifery School and graduated in 2005. In 2007, I was among a selected few to enrol in the Diploma in Anaesthesia , sponsored by UNFPA, and graduated after 18 months. After some years of practice in rural area, Kailahun, I was transferred to Freetown to continue practicing as an Anaesthetist until I decided to go for further career development.

Some months ago, I was invited to be part of the CRIBS research training and presently serve as a research midwife in the Apricot and SIPHRE Projects.

My role in CRIBS

I am a trained research assistant for the CRIBS Study. I collect data for the Apricot and SIPHRE study project at PCMH.  I also assist in coordinating daily activities and rotas for midwife researchers at PCMH.

Overall, I assist CRIBS in the implementation of solutions to reduce Maternal Mortality.

My CRIBS Experience

In late March this year (2022), I was fortunate to be invited to attend a research training conducted by NIHR, CRIBS after successfully completing an interview conducted by the Apricot team at PCMH. Since then, my love for research has skyrocketed, and I am really enjoying being a researcher.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to meet, interact and work with people who are knowledgeable in research work, and they have mentored me, thereby enhancing my career development.

Another very interesting experience has been that I was trained to use a very important device in the monitoring of Creatinine level.

A highlight was our team winning a CRIBS award during the November meeting – our incredible team won a precious and beautiful trophy! It has been very rewarding working with CRIBS.

Something Personal

I love putting a smile on the faces of people around me.  Physically I keep fit through trekking , which helps me reduce weight and stay healthy. I always hope and pray for God’s plan for my life to be accomplished. I do not fear being a failure and pursue my dreams wholeheartedly. My future ambition is to become a Trained and Qualified Researcher and mentor to other Researchers.  IJN.

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