Dr Thomasia Weekes

Spotlight on Dr Thomasia Weekes

Dr Thomasia Weekes I have an MBChB from the College Of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences- University of Sierra Leone.  I am currently doing an online masters  in Global Health with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and an online Bachelor degree in Theology with the Mountainview College Of Theology in Northern Carolina . I am also a student at the postgraduate college in Sierra Leone doing my residency in the department of obstetrics and gynecology.



Role in CRIBS:

I am a research assistant working with the team at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital. I primarily work on the Pineapple (PLGF) project; recruiting eligible candidates, consenting, running the test and data entering. I also help in identifying eligible patients for the other studies and effectively communicate with other team members to ensure  work is done.

Something about my CRIBS experience:

In the few months of my work as a research assistant, I have enhanced my team working skills and experience, I have learnt good clinical practice and advanced data entering methods.

Something personal:

I am passionate about girls and hence founded a community based organization named Girl You Can Academy (GYCA).  In this organization we mentor girls in high school and monitor their progress through tertiary education and in the process we train them to be mentors in the organization . I also love farming and do a bit of farming on the side, growing rice and cashew nuts. By the grace of God  I intend to use the proceeds from my farm to help build a school and empower children, especially girls, in underprivileged communities.

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